Thursday, June 30, 2011

Calcutta Boats

In early May I had the opportunity to list a Calcutta 263 for a client here at the Tampa Harbour Yacht Club and really developed a liking for the boat.  It's always exciting to represent a new boat because I get the chance to learn more about the manufacturer and their products.

2005 Calcutta 263 - Tampa Harbour Yacht Club
SOLD June 2011
Having seen Calcuttas before, this was the first time I had been on one, and I was really impressed with the performance and design of this versatile boat.  The cockpit space is huge, and the boat is incredibly fishable.  The SeaGate transom door is a nice feature that looks like it would be great for diving or hauling in big fish. Our boat was equipped with twin 115 Yamahas and ran 38mph easily.  The 263 is also available with twin 90's which provide incredible efficiency without a huge performance sacrifice.

Cockpit View
After listing the boat I was amazed at how much interest there are in the 263s.  Being built locally, there is quite a following for them, and the fact that there are very few available on the used market makes them an even better find for a potential buyer.  We sold the boat in a little over a month to a gentleman from South Carolina.

Another point that I was pleasantly surprised with, was how receptive Steve Ellis, the owner of Calcutta Boats, was to providing information during the sale.  Steve helped answer all of the technical questions we had, and even insisted that the new owner of the 263 bring the boat by the factory in order to go through the systems with him. He set me up with Jeff at Owens and Sons for a custom 263 Calcutta trailer that turned out perfectly.

I had the opportunity to visit Steve down at the Calcutta facility this week, and got to see the 360 that they have in progress.  I was absolutely dumbfounded at how huge that boat is, and how innovative the team at Calcutta has been with it's design.  For more information on the 263 or the 360, you can visit

Calcutta 360 in Progress, Palmetto, FL

If you're considering a cat, Calcutta should definitely be on the short list of possibilities.  I'll be representing my second 263 Calcutta in the next few months, and am looking forward to increasing my experience with these incredible boats.

For questions about Calcutta boats, or if you have a Calcutta you're looking to list, feel free to contact me at 727-422-3914 or

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